AVC 2018 Tee – XXL (SWG-14983)

Were you not able to make This particular to the the 10th annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVCX) This particular year? Or maybe you made This particular along with just weren’t able to find where we were selling all the sweet, sweet merch? not bad news! For everyone who attended or wanted to attend our AVC along with Battle Bots competitions, you can still get a shirt in which says you were (or wanted to be) there! This particular XXL, lightweight black T-shirt proudly displays a large “X” (in which’s 10 in roman numerals) on a seven-segment display all in a sharp looking, gold ink celebrating 10 years of automation! On the back of This particular fitted tee can be our SparkFun emblem along with our sponsors.

These shirts do run smaller, so you may need to purchase a size larger to fit. We also offer This particular shirt in L along with XL. We are sorry yet our smaller along with medium sizes sold out at the event!

Note: This particular shirt can be available for a limited time only. Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more; This particular shirt will be gone forever. Get This particular while you can!


  • Next Level Apparel brand
  • Lightweight
  • Size: Extra Extra Large
  • 100% Cotton

AVC 2018 Tee – XXL (SWG-14983)