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by Arlen Meyers

How to Create Cluster Clutter

Digital health ecosystems have spread around the globe. Like all clusters, they have a life cycle which starts with koombaya along with the enthusiasm of creating something brand new along with exciting nevertheless, unfortunately, at some point , devolve into conflicting interests who seem more interested in WIIFM with consequent confusion or blurring of the original vision, mission, values, value proposition, business product along with leadership challenges. Nascent centripedal forces pulling people towards a common goal turns into a centrifugal force pulling them apart into their own universe as the digital cosmos expands.

The results are the 6 dysfunctions of communities:

Dysfunction #1: Low Awareness or Understanding

  • The intended member of the community of interest is usually unaware which you exist or misunderstood what you do or how you work or your competitive strategy or vision. They think they are laying brinks when, in fact, they are building a cathedral.
  • Solution: Active online communications about vision along with how they contribute to the big picture.

Dysfunction #2: Wrong Value Proposition fit to stakeholders

  • What you are offering does not meet expected jobs, resolve pains or offer enough expected gains or coincide with their values
  • Solution: Craft the right value proposition for targeted customer segments

Dysfunction #3: Lack of Trust/Interest

  • Potential stakeholders don’t want to engage if they don’t trust you or are not interested in what you have to offer
  • Solution: Build trust by saying what you’ll do along with doing what you say

Dysfunction #4: Poor Relationships

  • Thus, prospects don’t want to risk their emotional investment inside the community
  • Solution: Build both the quality of the relationship along with quantity of the community of interest by paying attention to members

Dysfunction #5: Lack of Engagement

  • Those who are connected do not actively engage
  • Solution: A strategic communications along with engagement plan moving them coming from awareness to relationship to engagement to advocacy along with hiring someone with the talent along with skills to execute the item

Dysfunction #6: Failed Mission

  • The community of interest is usually unable to achieve its mission due to lack of engagement, alignment along with ability to execute along with failure to think strategically.
  • Solution: Reset along with rethink your value proposition, business product along with execution strategy

Like most startups, accelerators are driven by the vision along with energy of their founders So, when which energy or enthusiasm wavers, or, if, as a result of the changing environment or stage of development, competing entities become more attractive, the founders leave. They generally do so because they like to create things, not run things.

Reversing This kind of law of cluster physics requires constant vigilance or energy, lest the ecosystem suffer coming from the inevitable entropy. The key is usually to ask some strategic questions coming from each component of the cluster:

  1. is usually the existing business product still viable?
  2. What do you do best along with what should be delegated to others?
  3. What are the KPIs, output along with impact you have created so far?
  4. Does the leadership team need to be supplemented or replaced?
  5. How do you encourage outside in participation coming from members of some other clusters which will drive progress, like aerospace, materials science or cybersecurity?
  6. Should your organization be given a merciful death, rebranded or repurposed?
  7. How successful have you been in getting, keeping along with growing your members?
  8. Do you have a sustainable revenue product along with pricing structure?
  9. Do you have enough investor, public sector, non-profit along with academic support?
  10. How successful have you been promoting equity, diversity along with inclusion?
  11. How would likely you describe the information rheology in your cluster?
  12. Does your cluster need a culture check?

Like a start up company, at some point, early digital health clusters along with ecosystems need to figure out how to scale along with figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Otherwise, like we are seeing right now, the universe just gets filled with zombie entities spinning in their own orbits creating just a bunch of cluster clutter along with space trash.

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How to Create Cluster Clutter – Innovation Excellence